Solar Carport Systems

A typical carport with its single dimension simplicity is a missed opportunity for homeowners and businesses. If you’re following new technology in the solar panel industry, you may already be aware of the industry’s current solution... solar carports.

Solar carports are complete overhead canopies built to cover parking areas. The solar carport is similar to ground mount solar panels, which are angled solar panel modules installed on the ground instead of on a carport rooftop. Our solar carports eliminate the need for a surface on which the solar panels can be mounted to. The advantage of solar carports is that they don’t require the additional area like ground mount solar panels. Solar panel carports offer a more efficient use of space than ground mounted panels. Certain states even have incentives for using solar carport structures over a ground mount installation.

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Desert Climates:
In hot temperatures, the inside of the solar panel module can reach very high temperatures. These temperatures change rapidly at dawn and dusk. Our solar panels easily survive these chainging temperatures.

100% High Quality Aluminum Construction:

The aluminum carport framework is simple to assemble and highly stable. Amazing longevity, and durable, corrosion resistant aluminum construction for extreme pressures like wind and snow. The anodized surface makes sure your carport looks great for years to come.

Wind and Snowloads:
Our solar panels are designed for wind loads of over 100 mph. they can be used in high snow areas without any issues.

The structure of all Royall solar panel modules are two sheets of hardened glass that ensure an extremely long life of over 50 years. The solar panel glass sheets are welded together with a particularly durable POE lamination process. The structure is similar to that of a car windshield. For physical reasons, mother nature's wear and tear, the produced output power can decrease slightly over time.